Hello. My name is Ryan Thompson and I am a 32 year old straight African American male. Im currently a local DJ, e-commerce model, and Model coordinator here in New York City. I’m originally from Louisiana and I love spicy food. I’ve been living in New York for the past 6 years and enjoy working and creating life long/short term connections with people from multiple walks of life. My credit score is a 687 currently and I am prepared to be a possible tenant by the end of this upcoming week. In my down times when I’m not working my day job in luxury security I like to go play pick up basketball games, create music with my peers, spend hours at the spa and watch a good tv show from time to time. Im also very clean and tidy because having a clean living space produce progressive outcomes. A goal of mine this upcoming year is to travel more and practice swimming so I can be confident in the water. If anyone would like to check out my Instagram yo get a closer look on who I am and a bit of what I do you’re more than welcome to. @djonedayryan_

Roommate Perk

I can get you into cool Dj venues for free!

Ideal roommate

One that is clean and also is not passive aggressive about communicating when problems may arise.

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