Hii, my name is Sabrina and I am a 23 years old native New Yorker. Im a student, I work at Swarovski and on the side I am also a freelance photographer and a practicing creative director. When I am home I am very much an introvert, so I very much enjoy my alone time, but creatively I love creating content with friends and collaborating with new people. I love to laugh, i’m laid back and I don’t shy from helping others. Majority of the time I’m on the move for school and work or trying out new restaurants, pop up events, or at photoshoots. Then there are my down days where I’m pretty much Netflix and chilling by myself. I am also into fashion, so I am always playing around with different looks and clothes to work with for friends or just hanging out.

Roommate Perk

I have a tact for organizing, styling and find new things to add to the home to make everyones life easier and more comfortable.

Ideal roommate

Someone who is sanitary and helps keep the rest of the home clean, mindful of other people’s sleep, big on communication,
open to guess visiting occasionally, okay with my photography equipment possibly being set up in the common area for indoor shoots. (They will be stored away when I am done) and open to or is into exploring spiritual journeys or practices (witchcraft and voodoo free lol)

Apartment applying for