My name is Sadell, I’m 30 years old and I’m from Puerto Rico but moved to NYC. I have 2 jobs, one in the evenings and one in the graveyard shift. I work full time with the city right now for the asylum seekers and migrants coming to city to find a home and as for my part time job it’s at Madison Square Garden, I work mostly at the Beacon Theater but can work as well at MSG and Radio City. As for hobbies I enjoy reading, music, any form of art, I am an extreme pet lover even though I’m allergic to cats and dogs, I have back home in Puerto Rico 2 dogs and a bird so I don’t mind living with animals. One of my side gigs is being a Twitch streamer and a content creator. If I’m not working at my 2 jobs, you’ll find me hustling to create content and upload to grow as a content creator and get to a point of it being a full-time job. I speak Spanish and English and continuously is learning on my own Italian, I took classes back in College and I also graduated from a Batchelor’s degree in Public Relations.

Roommate Perk

I love to cook, I have so many small kitchen appliances, I get sometimes free tickets or sporting events at Madison Square Garden, I clean after myself, I like to live as if I never am here, so you wouldn’t find my mess often or genially at all. I’m never home during the night since I work at Beacon Theater some days in the evenings and then I have to leave one hour early to go to my main full-time job at the Asylum Seekers hotel. I get home around 8 in the morning, straight to bed and I wake up around 1pm-3pm. I also enjoy travelling and going back to PR to visit the family and detox a lil from the city life and back to the island life.

Ideal roommate

I’ve lived in a household with both genders, believes, origins, 420 friendly, none friendly, with 3 cats, no pets, etc. I don’t mind if you’re basically my neighbor due to life, work and busyness but at least take the time to clean after yourself. I’ve always viewed the kitchen and bathroom as a public space, regardless if you’re living with family or friends. Both are areas that can collect bacteria easily so for me it’s very important I keep my space clean for myself in the future and for those who I share it with. I don’t mind house parties, friends over, family over as long as it was communicated. I do have asthma so smokers are welcome as long as they can do it outside or really open a window or find away not to spread it all over the apartment.

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