I’m from Wyomissing, PA (an hour from Philly), and moved to NYC last June after graduating from Wake Forest University. Currently, I work 2 seasonal jobs – in the spring/early summer I work as a math tutor in the Bronx, and from late summer/early spring I work at the NFL in game statistics. I love the outdoors, live music, sports (watching or playing), plants, exploring the city, and spending time with my friends and family. I enjoy a balance of going out and staying in – I have a great time going for drinks/dancing or just hanging out and playing games/watching a movie! I don’t have a pet with me in the city but I have a dog at home who is the absolute best.

Roommate Perk

One #roommateperk is that I will volunteer to be behind the camera of any candids (or plandids). I have a couple different fun cameras, but my film camera in particular is always a hit and I swear takes the best pictures. I also consider myself an above-average room/wall decorator. I like to keep my space (relatively) organized and clean but my walls are always filled with fun prints and posters of things and colors that fit the vibe and make the place feel homey. Lastly, both of my jobs require me to be in office, so I am not home much during the work day.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would also be in their 20s, and help to keep the shared areas relatively clean. While I don’t need to be besties with my roommates, I would love to be friends and be able to hang out beyond simply sharing space, so it would be cool to have some shared interests or someone that is willing to show/try some new things together! I’d prefer to live with other females, but gender isn’t a deal breaker for me.

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