Hi I’m Sam! I currently live in Albany but I’m trying to relocate and I just excepted a new job in the Bronx. I’m looking to live in Manhattan and I’m hoping to find a really cool roommate. I want to watch shows and movies on Netflix while enjoying a glass of Riesling or find mine. I like to live with someone that wants to be friends hopefully cook together and have wine together, but is also mindful of personal space and boundaries when needed.I don’t mind others having gas from time to time; Monday through Friday I typically don’t do much but during the weekends I do like to spend time with my friends and I might host one or two at a time but don’t plan on having any parties or Hosting any more than that unless it’s something that’s discussed and approved by people who I’m living with.I’m open to meeting new people and would be open to Trying new things.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I love to cook especially west Indian food

Ideal roommate

I preferred to live with a female. Hopefully someone that’s laid-back and likes to relax but also knows how to have fun. As much fun as I like to have a do you like to live in a clean face. Hoping to find someone who is the same but is also willing to be friends.

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