My name is Sandra but most call me Camps (my nickname). I grew up in California but have been living in different strates like Vermont and Alaska for the past few years. For work, I raise money for nonprofits! My last job was in Alaska where I was supporting a youth mental health and vocational program allowing me to learn and help different causes. I love to dance (vogue), embroider, cook, and read! Looking for a community within our apartment to hang out in the city and have dinner and movie nights!

Roommate Perk

I love to cook for others. I’m the worst at cooking just for myself.

Ideal roommate

Ideal roommates would be female identifying, lgbtq friendly, open to sharing or talking about their hobbies, would love if they wanted to hang out in the city together, and open to organizing a cleaning schedule and best communication methods between us. The last point is just an idea but it’s helped a lot with other roommate situations I’ve had in the past keep us accountable for clean-ups and clear communication.

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