I’m a working professional in my early 30’s who enjoys running, spending time with friends, trying new restaurants around the city, and traveling to different countries to explore the culture. I would describe myself as friendly, personable, and open to new experiences, but I also like staying home and rewatching “The Office” or “Arrested Development” when I need down time. If you watch those shows too, then we probably have the same sense of humor!

I do work longer hours because I manage HR for my company, but I’m up for a quick chat or to watch TV when I get home. I work with a youth sports company and I’m a big sports fan, although I wasn’t an athlete growing up. I try to go to baseball, basketball, and football games throughout the year and I go to the US Open every summer. In the fall, I’m probably at home watching football on Sundays (Go Giants!) or at a nearby bar – you’re more than welcome to join me! In the winter, I usually plan 2-3 snowboarding trips upstate or out to Pennsylvania. Looking to try more mountains in the next year! I’ve lived with roommates who are new to New York a few times and I’m happy to offer advice on where to go and what to do around town.

Roommate Perk

I enjoy getting to know my roommates and making sure our shared spaces are clean, comfortable, and welcoming to everyone. I’m happy to do my share of the cleaning, buy new things for the apartment, and pack things away to keep communal spaces tidy. You can expect me to bring an upbeat, positive energy to the apartment, along with random appliances like my beloved air fryer, pasta maker and coffee bar!

Ideal roommate

I have a pretty lighthearted personality and I value making sure that everyone feels respected and comfortable. I enjoy living with others who are working professionals, but also don’t take themselves too seriously. My ideal roommate would be willing to chip in or rotate cleaning tasks, be ok with picking up after themselves, and be flexible about sharing things like washers/dryers or the cooking space. The kind of person I could share a glass of wine or a beer with every now and then. Must haves – trustworthy, respectful, friendly personality; willingness to compromise; and great communication skills.

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