I’m from Chile, i’m a chemmical engineer that worked for 3 years in the mining industry looking for sustainable solutions. I just got accepted in the master’s in sustainability science in columbia university, giving me a chance to learn more and to help with all the challenges that climate change brings. All my time will go in the studies and i want to get an investigation spot at the earth institute in columbia (one of the most important places to study sustainable development).
But my life is not only working, i also like to do activities every day. I use to participate in clubs when i was a student, so i kept myself busy. My hobbies are riding my bicycle (people have told me that city bikes are awesome), also playing board games, go to know new places in the city, hiking and having a beer once in a while, respecting if someone need to rest or work.
In my life i had to live in a lot of homes, in my grandma home when she had a heart attack, in my unt home when she had problems, whit my mother, with friends and alone. I’ve learned to adapt to different ways of living and to enjoy them. So there is no real problem if all the people is quiet or all the people likes to hangout.
I used to have a pet in Chile, but it stayed with my family.
About living, i care about clean common spaces and good comunication to have a quality space.

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Roommate Perk

I love cleaning the common places and also love cooking for other people. Every weekend I try to do something new outside, so my roommates will have something to do or the apartment to themself, both great options.

Ideal roommate

Most important is the capacity to talk to solve problems. Every person is different and talking before the situation becomes a real problem is fundamental. Also, i like people who want to be this apartment their home, not only 4 apartments (each room) with a shared kitchen. We don’t need to hang out every day, but yes to know each other.

As I said, I’m open to new ways of living, so I don’t need a special ability roommate.

My deal breakers are having common places that you feel embarrassed when someone comes to visit and that the room has a bad smell that you can feel from the hallway.

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