Hiiie I’m Savannah! I’m working as a graphic designer currently, I am transitioning to the fashion industry currently though. I’m also in the process of creating my own clothing line! 🥰 But a little about me I love to laugh, I love to meet people and I love anything creative. I’m an ambivert, there might be days where I’ll be more on the quiet side and charging up, and there’ll be days where I’d be really talkative and energized. Easy to get along with and I like to take life not too serious. I really try to make my life funny and entertain myself through that lol

Roommate Perk

I probably won’t be home all the time because I’d be working a lot, I’m already a clean person but since I won’t really be home I definitely won’t leave any mess anywhere. I mind my business and just a very chill person to be around. I consider myself a genuine person as well and open to making friends, a great listener or advice giver if needed. I’m big on mental health and I love having conversations on that topic too.

Ideal roommate

An ideal roommate for me would be someone that’s genuine and someone that respects boundaries, and that’s clean. I get along with anyone that’s openminded and just you know genuinely have a good spirit to them.

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