I grew up just south of Nashville, TN and then moved to Knoxville for college. I have a full time as a data analyst waiting for me in Midtown Manhattan and I couldn’t be more excited about moving up to New York!

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I love wine, and will always be up for trashy tv and movies, as well as being totally ready to watch a documentary. I like video games and board games. For as much as I like to be social and go out, I also value alone time and quiet places. I’ve never tried something that I disliked so much I’d never do it again, so whatever your hobbies are, I’d love to explore the city and try new things with you! I also have two cats! They are Smokey (who is a gray fluff and loves everyone) and Summit (who is orange, only has three legs, and takes a little while to warm up to).

Ideal roommate

I’d prefer to live with females, must be okay with cats, and would prefer people who don’t smoke inside!

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