Hi! I’m moving out for the first time and excited! I’m 23 a part time student at hunter and a full-time customer service rep for an Organic Lab in Harlem. So, I completely understand the busy body lifestyle.

I’m pretty chill, person overall understanding! I’m tidy, but not overall anal about the whole cleaning situation. I love yoga, and roller-balding! If you have a good work out regime and diet routine, please share it with me I need all the help I can get. XD

One more thing , I am an artist and a poet! I love painting and putting collages over my room walls. Check out my photos!

Roommate Perk

My roommate perk is friendly and overall caring and understanding.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is someone with great communication skills, non-smoker, and good at keeping the bathroom tidy. Overall friendly.

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