I’m a 33-year-old marketing professional relocating to NYC to got to school for acting and writing.

a few things about me and my routine:
-work from home/remotely
-do a good amount of vlogging for my marketing job as well as self-tape auditions (won’t require complete silence or anything, haha)
-meditate twice daily (TM)
-love to cook
-usually meal prep 1-2X per week
-will be taking a good amount of classes so I won’t always be home
-will be gone for the second half of December for holidays
-50/50 extrovert and introvert
-more of a night owl than a morning person
-love dogs
-mildly allergic to cats (it goes away eventually)
-420 friendly
-very neat and clean and like to have a peaceful environment
-love to hang out with roommates from time to time but definitely not looking to party a lot

Roommate Perk

I’m very empathetic and a kind person. I’m easy to get along with and have great listening skills.
Whatever subject you’d like to discuss, art, music, movies, food, basketball, books, wine and spirits, philosophy, I can chat it up with you!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate respects the whole space (not just their own) and cleans up after themselves.
I pay my bills on time and would expect them to do the same.

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