I’m from New Jersey and went to college in Washington, DC. I moved to NYC to begin a career in accounting. I mainly provide international tax services to large corporations, as well as help out in the quantitative services group helping clients with accounting method changes to minimize their tax liabilities. I enjoy cooking/baking, yoga, listening to podcasts, running, and doing volunteer work. I’m very kind, easy to get along with, and a great listener. Introverted, but enjoy meeting and learning about new people.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is respectful of the common spaces (kitchen, living room, bathroom) and have a good energy.

Ideal roommate

Cleanliness is very important to me. Open to living with girls or guys (currently live with males). No drugs in the apartment other than alcohol (not a big drinker myself and certainly won’t bring the party home, but fine with a roommate who occasionally has guests over).

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