I’m originally from Kansas City, Missouri and I love parts of my hometown. Mostly, I love our reputation for barbecue and jazz, both of which I’m huge fans of. KC also has more fountains than Paris! Seriously, there are a lot of fountains. My favorite is the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain. I used to sit and stare at it lovingly as a little girl (I was a strange kid).

I initially moved to New York to study acting and I worked as an actor for a number of years, but have recently transitioned more into writing and directing. My main source of income, however, is graphic design, which I do for an investment bank in Midtown. I’m a bit of an introvert and I tend to spend a lot of time in my room reading, watching documentaries, writing, or just decompressing from a full day with my dog, Bentley. I’m also quite friendly though, and I quite like getting to know interesting things about new people. Some of my hobbies are knitting, cooking, traveling, educating myself about random things (currently learning about cryptocurrency), and exploring the city. Finally, I have a 6lb Maltese-Poodle mix named Bentley. He’s an eight-year-old rescue and I’ve had him for about five years. He’s a very sweet little pup.

Roommate Perk

I’m a great cook, I make excellent cocktails, and I make a pretty extraordinary strawberry-peach pie. I’m also pretty quiet so if you’re someone who likes peace and quiet at home we’ll be two peas in a pod! One last thing…I have a ton of movies, Netflix, Hulu, and HBOgo which I’m more than happy to share with roommates. I’m also pretty good with tools, so if something needs fixing or you need help assembling furniture I’m happy to chip in.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be at least moderately quiet, would do their part to help keep commonly used areas clean, be respectful of space and boundaries, and is considerate of those they live with. My roommate dealbreakers would be entering my room or going through private things without asking, or eating/taking food or belongings without asking. I’m also a fairly direct, calm person so if interpersonal difficulties did arise I’m generally on the side of quick, peaceful, and honest resolutions. I keep my drama on the stage!

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