Hi Everyone!

Im Sheba, A 28 year old Ghanaian American, born and raised in The Bronx. I am an HR Project Associate at NYU Langone Medical Center. I’ve been working at NYU for 4 years and don’t plan to leave the organization any time soon LOL…Its one of the best hospitals out there AND they offer great benefits to their employees! I am very laid back, respectful and CLEAN. I am also a very peaceful and quiet person…After everything going on in my career field, I want nothing but to come home to my bed in peace. You can trust that I will give you no problems. I will make it very comfortable for you. I am currently applying for a Masters program, so I will be VERY focused and to myself at times (please, please, please don’t take it personal=)). Im a very simple person..I do not make things complicated. We all have goals to achieve here, so as long as we are straight, shared areas are cleaned, and we’re respectful to one another, we should be just fine =)

Hope to meet you all soon!


Roommate Perk

1. Someone who’s not always in the apartment (I mean I don’t expect that happening, but it will be nice).
2. Someone who is kind and nice…because I am kind and nice.
3. Someone who understands that they have to be consistent in cleaning shared areas in the apartment. I would hate to have to remind people to clean up after themselves….we’re all adults=)
4. Someone who enjoys cooking. I would definitely chip into groceries with anyone who likes to cook or bake.
5. Someone who is a laid back and brings great vibes.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is listed above (sorry)
1. Do not clean up after themselves/messy.
I do not mind dishes in the sink, but it has to be washed before the end of the day.
2. Keep noise/music to a decent level that may not disturb everyone else (again, I’m planning to go back to school in the next couple of months)
3. I do not like taking advantage of people. If there is someone willing to furnish an area of the house, best believe I am chipping in to help. As long as it is something that we all can use, I will chip in.

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