Hello, I am originally from San Diego, CA but have lived all over the US as a military family. For college I went to school in WA and NC, but am looking to start a career in NYC as I majored in International Studies and love travel and embracing other cultures.

I have lived with many roommates before and have gotten along great with them. I am usually pretty quiet- either reading or painting while at home, but I also usually work a 40+ hour week or am traveling for the weekend. I am currently a host for a restaurant I’ve been at over a year and will be a full time nanny in NYC.
I love the outdoors and hope to find roommates that are equally respectful but adventurous.

Roommate Perk

I am very respectful of my roommates space, but love having traditions with roommates as well- like movies nights etc.

Ideal roommate

Make or female is alright. I do care about cleanliness quite a bit and am not fond of loud noises early in the morning.

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