Hi! My name is Silvia, I am 30 years old and I am currently employed in a tour agency in Staten Island. I have been here since June with a regular visa and I have just moved out from my previous apartment in Bay Ridge, so I am seeking for a cozy place to stay and move as soon as possible. I am originally from Italy and I have always been working in tourism, I like travelling and speaking other languages, in fact I speak English, Spanish and French.
I am allergic to cats and to dogs and other animals if they shade. I would love to have a puppy pug but I would not keep it inside the house. In Italy it is not so common to have a pet in the house, we’d rather have it in the yard (as over there we usually have bigger space and yards than NYC).
I have been working for 5 years on cruise ships, so I have experience in sharing rooms and bathrooms, and living with other people as long as they are respectful of everybody quietness and rest hours and of the common spaces.
I like going out during the weekends, explore new places and enjoy a glass of wine with my friends in the city.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I’m rarely home, does not cook a lot, silent, when home does not spend so much time in common space area and does not occupy bathroom for hours.

Ideal roommate

Rarely home, should enjoy having a conversation during dinner time and also sit down for a glass of wine and some chat after work. No pets inside the house. Clean after having used the kitchen, keep common spaces clean and tidy. Respectful of resting hours. Outgoing person.

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