I use they/them pronouns. I’m from Rochester, NY, where it is notoriously cold. I’ve lived here for two years. I came here for college and stuck around afterward. I love to cook and bake (so expect the occasional fresh loaf of bread). I am a Libra and an extrovert (all of my friends are introverts though) I work at Ichiran, a ramen restaurant on 31st Street in Manhattan. I also work at Flux Photobooth. I love to crochet, draw, and watch TV shows. A good one I just started is Marvelous Mrs. Mazel. I also really like reading, fiction and non fiction!

Roommate Perk

The great bread, cookies, pretzels, brownies
I am always cleaning
I have a couch already if the roomies like it
We can swap books if you have any

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is someone that keeps the common spaces clean! Someone that puts in effort to make our space a home with personal touches. Someone who can feel free to knock on my door or text me if they need anything. It doesn’t matter your gender or personality, but I would prefer someone with roommate experience.

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