Hi there! I’m Sophia (Sophie’s fine, too). I’m 25 and work in public relations — I am working remotely for now due to the pandemic but will be heading back to the office in late August. I love my plants, boozy brunches, and have recently gotten into rollerskating. I’m originally from CA and consider myself to be pretty laid-back, but I like to keep my space and common areas tidy.

Roommate Perk

I’m always here if you want to vent about work, your BF or GF, or anything stressful in your life! I’m also really clean / not afraid to do those “grimy” chores like taking out the trash, scrubbing down the toilet, etc.

Ideal roommate

I’d prefer to live with others who are clean, friendly and considerate! Totally fine with occasional guests, too, and pets, if any.

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