I am originally from El Paso Texas and moved to the city three years ago. I am a graduate student studying biomedical science and I just became a partner in a startup that aims to design products for people with disabilities. Before covid, I used to volunteer a lot especially for adaptive sports and had a side hustle puppy sitting/training and dog walking. I travel a few times a year for hiking trips and to visit my family and long distance friendships. I usually cook at home, though I’m not the most coordinated cook (my roommates would tell me I need a YouTube channel called “Terribly Great Cooking with Sophia”. If this new place has the right set up, it might just make my awkward cooking skills thrive!

Roommate Perk

My roomate perk according to my current and past roomies would be my interior decorating, gardening and organization skills on the smallest budget! Also, I subscribe to wine boxes so I’ll be sure to have the wine fridge stocked at all times.

Ideal roommate

I found my perfect roommate three years ago and we are now looking to move back in together! We’ve missed each other this year apart. What made us really great roommates was that we were both very clean and respectful of the common spaces. We understood the importance of maintenance of cleanliness and never had to use a schedule for chores. We just had that similar cleanliness intuition. We are typically low key but are also up for roommate bonding over wine and great music video mini dance parties till our 27 y/o knees give out. Any deal breakers would just be not respecting the common area cleanliness and leaving the front door constantly unlocked (there was this weird culture in our previous student housing where nobody would lock the front door because we had a doorman).

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