Hi! Steve Brown here – fashion enthusiast and model (also your go to stylist and personal shopper). I’m an entrepreneur that loves all forms of investing and creating residual income. I started out my entrepreneurial route in 2017 with Scyterra – my marketing agency – which I still run; helping businesses and brands attract their target audiences by means of digital marketing (facebook ads & social media ads), content creation, web development, social media management, event coordination, influencer marketing, and the like. My next step from there was creating my own natural perfume and cologne brand – Zayah Fragrances – which I launched this year (Feb). After I grow Zayah to where I need it to be, I will be using the income from Scyterra & Zayah combined to launch my own clothing line (already in the works)

No pets, besides a Pomeranian which is more of my mom’s dog than mine lol Cinnamon will be staying in NJ with my mom. For fun I love to go for long walks (alone or with company), exploring the city and looking at the views. I also enjoy being close to nature and it’s calming tranquility – sitting at the pier with friends talking, joking, playing games, talking about our day. I would say I more so enjoy talking to people in-person than over the phone (another reason i have to get back to NY – to see all my friend that I love).

Roommate Perk

I love to cook! and also, clean with music playing through my earphones – just zoning out and getting tasks done. When it comes to other’s I connect with people easily. For one reason or another people open up to me and I to them. So me and my future roommates will have no problem being friends. I also have a great ear and heart for listening, so whenever anyone is feeling down they can come talk to me and we can figure out a solution to their ailment; no matter what it is. Whatever is weighing down their heart I will always offer myself as a means for them to express themselves. I hate seeing people sad – I’m usually the first one to notice when something is wrong and from there will ask them how they’re feeling to open up the conversation.

Ideal roommate

Ideal roommate is someone who is clean and considerate of others – as I am of him/her.

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