Hi My Name Is Storm! I Am 21, I Want to be a clothing designer and a furniture maker but the most important thing I want to do is move out! I like Art, I can cook several things like stake, bake a cake, make homemade french fries and some good crabs. BTW I Love seafood. I am cool will most likely start small talk when we meet, attempt to see if a friendship is wanted to be there but will not force or push anything. I like videos games,  going to clubs (but I dont drink,  nightlife is just fun), I also do pj’s and popcorn with a movie in the living room with roomates, Or monopoly board games!

Roommate Perk

I am social, but also independent. I go with the flow and can adapt to people’s energies.

Ideal roommate

Ideal roommates are girls or boys. Would be nice if we say hello when we see each other come in, sometimes when we leave. I probably would stay in my room with the door close or leave it open occasionally to be social. While I don’t do drugs I don’t care if the other roommates do. Ideally dont smoke weed in the common areas, and  cigarettes I would prefer you go outside. No roommates that are violent or being loud on the phone. I dont care who you are! I Want to meet all types of people, a 35 year old average man, a nice Asian Lady who loves her cat with a bohemian style, Lgbtq people, Gamer boys or girls, or maybe an artist like me!

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