I am a 26 New Yorker who is from Long Island. I am a family therapist that works in downtown Manhattan. I love to sing, dance, binge watch Netflix tv shows, reality shows, hgtv, drama shows, pretty much any show that has a good story behind it. I also love to go out and explore different restaurants. I love hanging out and hosting with my boyfriend, family and friends during my free time. I enjoy going to museums, concerts, and brunch! I love listening to music (hip-hop, r&b, Afrobeats) and I love learning about new and different cultures.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I am a good listener and very respectful. I am clean and love to clean at least once a week. I’m very down to earth and open. I can cook and bake share those goodies with my roommates. I do not mind overnight guests or having company over during the day. I like to host game nights on occasion and would love if my roommates could be a part of that.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommates would be all females. They would need to be clean and respectful. They would like to split house chores and would not mind splitting responsibilities as in buying toiletries and cleaning supplies. My ideal roommates would be outgoing and have similar interest as myself with music, tv shows ( Star, Jane the Virgin, Greys Anatomy, etc). They would not mind my boyfriend coming to spend the night every other weekend for 1-2 nights, and wouldn’t mind me hosting small get togethers with friends. I would like for me and my roommates to become friends and create a cozy fun-loving home for all of us.

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