I’m originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the city of samba and carnivals. I have lived in the US for about 5 years now. I’m 24 years old, a student of criminal studies in Psychology. I’m a sales associate at Macy’s. I love talking about philosophy, cooking, singing, doing shooting range, taking care of myself mentally (psychotherapy) and physically (weight lifting and martial arts). I don’t have a pet, but if you do, I’ll be glad to be his/her aunt. I love animals.

Roommate Perk

The perks of having me as a roommate is having nice meals sometimes, I’m quiet and clean, and I have a big concern with others’ well being. I’m open to listen to other’s concerns about the house and to grow as a company/person.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is someone respectful, easy going, conscious of their responsibilities, and with a sense of community. A deal breaker for me is to live with someone completely indifferent to others’ well being.

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