Hi! My name is Terall Miller. I’m from Dallas, Texas, and currently live in New York City. I recently graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Drama Program. I love working out, going out with friends, watching movies, dancing, traveling (Safely! I’m Pfizer Vaccinated!), and just having a good time. I’m a really hard worker and I pride myself on that. I also like to think of myself as outgoing and friendly; I love talking to people and getting to know their interests and take on life in the city and in general. I just started working at an entertainment management company as an assistant to a talent manager and producer in Chelsea; so that’s where I will be during the week! I love music ( Pop, Rap, R&B, Alternative, Ambient, Classical, musical theater,) and I genuinely just like having a good time. rather that be chilling at home or going out for drinks, or reading a book. I’m a big advocate for creating an environment that feels relaxing and not stressful or passive when it comes to living with people. Michela Coel, Viola Davis, Ariana Grande, Carey Mulligan, Trevor Noah, Rihanna, Tame Impala, Willow Smith, Florence Pugh, Taylor Swift, J.Cole, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jessica Chastain: if you vibe with any of these people or even have a speck of interest in any of them, I think we will get along just fine! I’m always open to learning about new writers, artists, and creators!

Roommate Perk

I think a perk of mine would be cleaning. I probably clean clean like once a week, but I’m good at taking out the trash, wiping down the countertops, cleaning the bathroom, and just tidying up the space in my spare time. I’d also like to think of myself as a good friend, like someone you can knock on the door if you need an opinion on something or help with work or relationships. I also keep the fridge stocked with good wine, and orange juice 24/7 so that’s a plus! and I’m barely home due to my busy work/acting schedule.

Ideal roommate

I’m a very clean person. I usually clean clean like once a week: sweep, trash, wash dishes, wipe down countertops etc. I’m not too picky about others’ cleaning habits – but we’re all adults so as long as we keep the common areas decent (No overflowing trash, stuff all over the floor, cleaning up after yourself,) I’m sure everything will be just fine! I don’t usually have people over too much unless we’re getting ready or pregaming but I try to keep to my room if I’m doing that. I don’t mind guests at all no matter what time it is, just a lil heads up will be great! I’m very open to talking about house rules and any other things we should all be aware of while living together.

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