My name is Terren, my preferred name is Tee. I’m from a small town outside of Philadelphia. I attended West Chester University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a BA in communication studies. I currently work for an alarm acquisition company, but I also work in social work from time to time. I love helping and molding young people. I don’t have any pets. I love reading, writing, traveling, and art. I listen to all types of music and enjoy attending concerts (Pre-Covid).

Roommate Perk

My roommate perk is that my hobbies are all quiet ones lol. I’m a very chill person, so my activities are usually reading and writing. Most of the time you may not know I am home. Also, I am very considerate, so whenever I do anything I think about how it will affect others and how they will feel as well.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be someone clean, but not obsessively clean. Someone who is considerate of others. I prefer a quiet home, but as long as it’s quiet by the time I go to sleep, I will be content. I would love to have roommates that are friendly, accepting and warm. A deal breaker for me is someone who is blatantly disrespectful, and also unwilling to communicate. Communication and respect are the keys to good relationships.

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