I am a 22 year old former graduate student and just finished my MA at Columbia University in sociology. I am from Chicago, but have been living in NYC for almost a year now. I will be starting a job as a research analyst at a nonprofit in Midtown, so I’ll be out of the apartment from 9-5 on weekdays. When I have some free time, I looovvvee reading books in the park, kickboxing, and painting when I have the chance. Now that I have more free time, I’m looking to start volunteering soon too! I go out with friends occasionally, but like relaxing in the apartment when I have the chance as well. I’m an introvert, but still very social and love talking to roommates around the apartment! I’m in a long distance relationship, so he will be visiting a few times a year but I will always give ample notice when that happens. We are both very respectful of space and privacy, so it shouldn’t be much of a bother! I love to cook as well, so expect me to come to you with new things I try out! My current roommate can vouch for my cooking. I’m also quite tidy and try to keep my space organized, which is something I hope my roommates do as well. I would like to get a cat, but if pets aren’t your thing it’s not a deal breaker!

Roommate Perk

#Myroommaterperk is that I’m very tidy and love sharing food when I try new recipes!

Ideal roommate

Ideally I’m looking for someone who likes to keep a pretty clean space. Morning people and night owls are both fine as long as you’re respectful of noise while others are still resting. I’d rather not have parties in the apartment, but having friends over is always fine! I’m looking for someone who’s good at communication and respectful of shared spaces. I find issues are usually easy to resolve as long as everyone’s open to talking and compromising.

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