I’m a 19 years old international student from Taiwan studying in Parsons. In leisure time I like to stay indoor, resting, watching stuffs and drawing. Visual art, drawings, animation, paintings are also what I feel interested in. Also sometimes in weekends I like to walk around and explore the city. I’m not neither an extreme clean nor messy person, but I’d prefer a living place to be more organized, at least treated with good living habits.

Roommate Perk

A The New School(Parsons especially) or NYU student
Likes finding good food places in the city

Ideal roommate

A student will be better, especially a The New School or NYU one, but I’m also fine with people who are not students
Can keep the common area clean
Will pick up and tidy up after using the sink, kitchen and bathroom and so on
Respectful to other people’s belongings
NOT a party person
Doesn’t make lots of noises
Doesn’t bring guests back often
Friendly, easy to get alone with, but also understanding that sometimes people need personal space and time
Willing to help, caring
Not necessary to be but it’d be great if she’s also interested in art
Don’t need to be doing everything together with the roommate but can hang out with if having time
Won’t make the AC indoor too cold. At least make it over 68°F

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