I’m a 22 year old consultant from Seattle, WA, and a recent Yale grad moving to New York to start my first post-grad job! I have no pets, though I love animals. I also enjoy weight lifting, listening to music, writing, reading (a lot), getting involved in community groups and meeting new people. I have a pretty rigorous work/travel schedule and am a very easygoing roommate- as long as shared spaces stay clean and the bills are paid on time, I’m unlikely to complain.

Roommate Perk

My roommate perk is that I come with a TV for the common space, a speaker for shared use, and I always remember to text you if you need anything while I’m at the store!

Ideal roommate

No preference on roommate gender. Prefer roommates who are willing to commit to a communal cleaning schedule, are respectful of shared space, and share responsibility for household chores. Ideal roommates are friendly, but we don’t need to be best friends.

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