I am an elementary school teacher, a graduate student and a visual artist (photographer). This keeps me quite busy, but with my precious amount of free time, I enjoy meditating, yoga, spending time with close friends, and of course, sleeping (I am pro sleeper). I am hoping to join a caring, clean, and respectful home that also comes together to connect.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk I enjoy keeping the house clean, am rarely home in the evenings because that is when I take classes, and I bring with me lots of art to decorate the walls!

Ideal roommate

I am looking to live with someone who is clean, communicative, and respectful. I hope that when everyone moves in then we would come together to create essential agreements about how we want to live together, move forward from this shared understanding, and use our essential agreements as a means to help us resolve any challenges if they should arise.

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