Hey ! My name is Tyira. I am a Grad student attaining a General Psych Major(Thesis Track) @ CUNY’s City College. I recently just landed my all time dream job as a Research Scientist II for a great foundation in the city. I also Adjunct/TA sometimes.

But this is technical on paper stuff that shows ambitions but not personality or character. So let me give you a glimpse. I am such a dope and genuine person lol ! I am reliable and grounded. I love to laugh and I love to create. Ive always had a thing for art and I do art when I am not too busy. I love learning new things and exploring cultural and creative things. I am also big on self care. I am in the gym, as I am into being thick and fit and I love to cook/bake.

Those are some things about me as meeting me and experiencing me will give you the total perspective.

Roommate Perk

I have a lot of experiences in my life and being an ear for someone is big to me. I am big on being supportive to those around you. You never know when you need some support even if its for 5 min.

I am big on being kind and seeing the silver lining to a situation!

Ideal roommate

I prefer female roommate so we can be comfortable in the house with each other. Honestly, my ideal roommates are communicative, respectful with the possibility of growing into a bond. I know this is said probably too many times lol. However, I PRACTICE being communicative. I am big on clarity and being on the same page.

And lets laugh from time to time.

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