I grew up in New Jersey, and recently relocated to NYC in July. I currently work at Barry’s Bootcamp in Tribeca, and am about to start another job as an assisted stretcher (bodywork) for a stretch start up. In my free time I enjoy listening to music/ going to concerts, working out, playing video games, exploring the city and some more chill things too like crocheting. I don’t currently own any pets, but my family has an adorable Australian Labradoodle, named Lyla, in New Jersey.

Roommate Perk

I am a clean and really considerate roommate. I want to make sure that everyone’s boundaries are respected, and I think communication about our living situation is crucial. I’m also really friendly and easy to get along with! While friendly, I equally value my alone time at home.

Ideal roommate

I don’t have a gender or age preference, however, I would love roommates who are clear communicators and all pitch in to keep the space functional and tidy. I would rather have a roommate that does not smoke cigarettes, especially since the smell since to travel into/ linger in the house. I also am allergic to cats (which is the only reason I prefer to live without one.

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