I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. I’m 25. I attended UW-Madison and Florida State University for Undergrad. I’m currently working at Mount Sinai Hospital before I return to school. I’m a great cook and baker. My Instagram can attest to this. In my free time I enjoy reading, podcast, or catching up on a good show. Outside of the apartment I plan on eating good with some friends, catching some comedy shows and exploring the city. I’m clean, considerate and laid back.

Roommate Perk

I’m an avid baker. I have most of the streaming services. I work 9-5. i’m a great listener. I have excellent taste in music and podcasts.

Ideal roommate

I am open to both genders. I’m relatively quiet, but I can keep a conversation going. I’d prefer to live with someone that’s open to casual conversation. I’ve had roommates that barely say hi when they walk in the door, and that was not ideal. Deal breakers are smokers and people who cannot tolerate cooking smells.

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