Originally I was birthed and reared in New York City but I have traveled many places, Transylvania, England, Salem where I have seen monsters created by man. And anthromorphic animals baring arms to defend their freedom. I have also seen the beauty of love bring the lifeless to life, and how a single kiss can be a catalyst for time travel. As you may have surmised, I ‘am an avid reader and the variety of literature has beset me with the most wonderous tidings. Aside from reading, I do have a penchant for cinema and many works of art including poetry. When not attending to my occupation, I prefer to stay at home, enjoying the aroma of tea or coffee, peace and quiet. I’m currently employed in retail but I’m looking to branch out into security to support my edification.

Roommate Perk

I regard myself as man of gentility. Being courteous and considerate to those around me is of great reverence. I’am no knight but I value the ideal of honor. I have never partaken in spirits/alcohol or any recreational drug. I abstain from profane language or vulgarity within speech. I tend to be quiet and reserved. I ‘am naturally introverted but can be a conversationalist of sorts and am very understanding and empathetic and if I can assist or support in anyway, I’m always willing. I like to have an atmosphere in which everyone is communicative and thoughtful of each other. e.g. I don’t spend a large portion of my time in the culinary art as I eat very lightly and sparse but I know how arduous it can be and will gladly assist in preparation or cleaning.

Ideal roommate

Ideally, my roommate will be respectful of themselves and polite to those around them. I’m indifferent to age or gender, as such does not determine a person’s character to me. In all actuality, it’s probably easier to determine my roommate preferences by what would be dislikable. Profanity and smoking cigarettes/tobacco is undoubtedly my biggest deal breakers. Conversing and communicating is one of the most important things about being roommates. I don’t mind if the roommate loves to cook, or sing, or play musical instruments etc, I don’t mind them staying up late or sleeping early. I’m very easygoing and will gladly come to compromises. As far as tidiness and cleanliness, I feel that in shared quarters it is imperative and conclusive to a comfortable and amiable atmosphere, if everyone is mindful and contributes to such. I would hope that our home is our sanctuary and outside guests are infrequent.

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