Originally from Chicago, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in English Literature and moved to New York in early parts of 2023 carrying the hope that I could break into the book publishing industry. On top of that, it has always been a dream of mine to live in New York and experience it’s parks, architecture, corner cafes, tiny streets, and so much more. Sadly, I don’t own any pets – though I’d very much like to adopt a cat someday – but will gladly love on yours! If I haven’t mentioned it already, I love books! I’m also a major fan of reading manga and watching anime in my spare time, along with hanging out at a cafĂ©, going to the movies, or taking long walks.

Roommate Perk

Currently, I work at a bookstore in Chelsea; I’ll also be interning at NYU Press this upcoming spring, so my schedule would require me to be outside of home a lot for the next few months. I would consider myself a very clean person who takes care of my space and respects boundaries.

Ideal roommate

I don’t have a preferred gender for a roommate(s)! But my ideal roommate would hold a level of respect for boundaries and maintaining cleanliness around the apartment, more specifically the common areas (kitchen, living room, bathroom). It would be nice to develop a friendship outside of being roommates, but I am also fine with just coexisting in our space.

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