I attend Hunter College, where I study art history and product design, focusing on architecture in the history department. I work at Apple, where I’m responsible for being a knowledge base on technology. I’m working towards taking on a design-focused position within my workplace.

I value a relaxed, clean and organized environment, particularly in the kitchen/bathroom. I’m a big fan of plants (I’m currently growing lemon trees and a variety of succulents), as well as cooking and occasionally baking. I’m a healthy eater and pretty active, so I’m out of the house often enough. If I am home, I’m either asleep, reading, or cooking.

I play piano and saxophone, but I’ll never be playing those at home (too disruptive). I do occasionally play video games, but it’s almost always with headphones so as to not disturb my roommates.

Roommate Perk

I’m focused on creating a home, not just a place to live. As such, I enjoy making the apartment look and feel great – I’m always in the mood to chat, or to bake a banana bread, or put on a diffuser. Lots of plants! I’m willing to spend to get quality furniture/appliances, and my choice always are well-designed.

Ideal roommate

First and foremost, I just need a clean roommate – I don’t need a cleaning schedule, but rather someone like myself who just cleans up after themselves. Maturity and responsibility is great, but other than that, I guess I’d love someone chill, generally quiet, and relaxed. Someone who values a peaceful home environment. Must be LGBT friendly.

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