I am currently working as an Education Specialist for a non-profit organization in Staten Island, United Activities Unlimited. I also go to school for Graphic Design, at SVA, will be soon transitioning into a Social Media and Marketing role at my company. For fun, when there‚Äôs time, I love to read and write, sing (once I’m comfortable enough, there’s no stopping me) teaching myself how to play guitar, binge-watching shows, and playing Sims.

Roommate Perk

I love to bake, am a great listener and love to try and learn new things. I do actually enjoy cleaning, so I have no problem with cleaning up after myself and love to organize. I may be the teensiest bit obsessed with The Home Edit.

Ideal roommate

The ideal roommate for me would preferably be female, general in terms of cleanliness (no need to be a neat freak but also able to pitch in), honest, communicable, and considerate. I’m fairly easy to get along with, enjoy meeting new people, love to laugh and make people laugh, so I’m hoping for someone who is easy-going and fun!

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