I am originally from Boston, MA. I a queer and use she/her or they/them pronouns. I graduated from Smith College in 2018 with a degree in art history. I love to bake for all my housemates and am working informally on my own E-cook book, so I love taste testers! I have been sewing since I was a child and freelance on the side in fashion and art, currently as a fashion assistant.

I have a small golden retriever (around 40 lbs) who is a little over a year old. She is extremely friendly and loves people and other animals- she is a registered Emotional Support Animal (ESA). She is well trained and almost never barks. Being young, she has a lot of energy. I am an extremely responsible pet owner- I walk her around 7 miles a day and wash her a few times a week to ensure she stays clean and fluffy at all times.

I am moving to the city to pursue a degree in UX design at General Assembly. I‘m generally quiet, and like creative alone time to watercolor. I like to live in a clean and quiet space, but am also down to socialize with my housemates, and am ok with guests if they are respectful! My favorite shows right now are Pose and Schitt’s Creek, and Hassan Minaj’ Patriot Act (oh and everything Tiffany Haddish). I am a direct communicator, and value housemates who are the same way. I am a firm believer that with good communication everyone’s feelings can be accounted for and taken care of.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperks are that I am a 1. Great baker 2. Natural empath 3. Likes to clean bathrooms for some reason 4. Has an extremely cute dog that loves to cuddle 5. Quiet/respectful/open minded

Ideal roommate

Ideal roommate:
– around my same age (mid 20s to early 30s)
– queer
– excellent communicator
– clean
– loves animals

Deal breakers: Passive aggressiveness, lack of respect for community spaces, and racist/ queer-phobic people.

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