Hi, I’m Zen and I am originally from Jersey. I’ve always loved the culture of NYC and I am now living my dreams as a creative in the city. As I am involved in the fashion industry, I am currently a buyer at a buy/sell/trade store. However, making clothes and art is truly my passion. I soon plan to fully launch my own brand! Music is also a heavy passion of mine and I spend a lot of time DJing as well. I believe that everyone should spend time doing what they love, and that focusing on your goals is crucial.

Roommate Perk

As a roommate, I am more than dedicated to provide clean, respectful, and comfortable vibes to the living space. Since these are important to me as well, I make sure that I relay what I would want from a roommate. Communication is key.

Ideal roommate

A roommate should be able to keep the area clean, and respect any boundaries that other roommates have. Sometimes, I may not be very sociable, so I would hope that other roommates respect this.

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