Hi I am 22 recently moved to NY from CA. I work at CVS, currently at BMCC studying digital marketing. I am a vegetarian, I like to cook and create my own creation. I like to play piano, still learning. I like to play tennis and working ceramic materials. I don’t smoke or anything related to that, not much of drinker either. I would to work with YouTube and create videos. I am not ususally the one to start a conversation but once we do I would love to continue and hangout out or I down for any card games or board games or if you want to go and explore do stuff. No pets not big fan of snakes or spiders.

Roommate Perk

I coupon so sometimes so I would get free products! As well my job offers free samples. I like to surprise people with desserts. I like to clean and sweep, swiffer is a good friend.

Ideal roommate

Female or male is okay. That dose not smoke or vape in the apartment at least. Open minded , kind, open to new things. Be able to contribute to a cleaning schedule and common household hold products, like cleaning supplies paper and toilet paper anything else needed. Be able to clean after her/him self.

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