Living in Stuytown

If you are looking for an affordable apartment in the East Village 9/10 times you probably have come across an advertisement for a Stuytown apartment. We are here to break down all the important info you need to know about this vast complex!

Stuytown is a large complex located in the heart of the East Village. The complex begins at 14th street and 1st ave, runs north to 20th street and as far east as Ave C. The closet subway is the L train at 1st ave near 14th Street, and about a 5-7 minute walk to Union Square. You also have the uptown bus on 1st ave!

There are many apartments available and are all renovated with the same floorpan. There are two types of finishes of a Stuytown apartment. Videos of vacant apartments can be seen below:

1. Classic Apartment
2. Modern Apartment

The typical pricing of the units are as follow (rooms ordered in how you see in the videos):

Room 1- $1475
Room 2- $1525
Room 3- $1675

This is the standard floorpan for a 3 bedroom apartment:

The prices do go up in the summer, and prices will increase as you get closer to 1st ave & 14th street (will go up about $50 more a room). The prices will also decrease (about $50) as you get closer to Ave C.

Each building has laundry and an elevator! The apartments always come equipped with dishwasher, microwave already built into the kitchens, and each bedroom has an AC already installed in the window as well. Another perk about Stuytown is that they only charge $26 per person/month for electricity, so you can run your AC’s all summer long and never pay more than $26 a month! The only extra utility a month would be internet.

The complex is also very nice- lots of trees, parks, a study area and has their very own cafe! In the summer they even have movie nights on the park (they call the “Oval) and farmers markets. It’s a very neighborhood type of feeling. There is also 24/7 security that patrols the area and lots of security cameras. These apartments are also pet friendly!

Broker advertisements: Alright, so onto the fun stuff! Stuytown (typically) pays brokers a one month fee to help them rent out their vacant apartments. Many brokers now have realized that if they can pair people with similar budgets and move in dates that they can rent the apartments and make their money faster. So they are calling themselves roommate matchers/matchmakers/pair’ers.… As you can see there are a ton of postings for rooms out there by these brokers. If you do end up going to see a vacant apartment with them you, they will take you to the Broker Center where they will sign you in. Super super important!! That page you are signing is basically an exclusive agreement that you are now bound to that broker for Stuytown specific apartments. What ends up happening is people go and see an apartment with these brokers and then they want to live with someone else or work with a different Roommate Matching service (ahem Perfect Strangers) and are unable to. More importantly these brokers are going to be the ones to find you roommates. Do they really care about compatibly…well that’s up for debate. And guess what?! If they are unable to find you a roommate, you are sh** out of luck. Because you can’t work with anyone else that may have a compatible roommate.
So if you are looking to live in Stuytown, we would love to find you compatible roommates. We have helped many clients move here and they all are super happy. If you are interested in living here and would like us to help you find some awesome roommates to share this amazing home with, please fill out our questionnaire here.
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email:

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