Moving to NYC Without a Job

Many people who want to move to NYC to pursue their dreams question if they should move first, or find a job first. Many face this chicken and the egg conundrum because most can’t find a job without living here, but you can’t get an apartment without having a job. SO WHAT’S ONE TO DO?! We’ll break down some solutions for you if you are moving to NYC without a job.1.

  1. Don’t put an address on your resume- for most entry level positions, employers don’t want to deal with someone that is moving from out of state. If it comes up in an interview (which I think that’s illegal?) just say you are living with a family member for the time being.
  2. Have some savings- Come to NYC with at least a few months of living expenses saved up (at very least $5000) so you can dedicate your entire time looking for a job.
  3. Network- when you get here, attend as many networking events as possible. People always hire someone that comes personally recommended than a cold email. OBVI! Check Eventbrite for networking events.
  4. Arrive early for interview- seriously NYC subways are wacko. If you’re not familiar with the subways do a dry run the day before so you can understand how to get there from the subways. If you’re taking a taxi then give yourself an extra 30 mins. Don’t arrive too early for your interview though. Just post up at a cafe and read up on the company.
  5. Sublet- DO NOT SIGN A LEASE- even if you think you are going to live here forever and your certain you’ll get a job, just sublet for a few months. It’ll be very hard to even sign a lease without having a job anyways (unless you’re prepared to pay for the entire year of rent upfront)! Airbnb is also a great way to find a short term (under 2 weeks) living situation and not have to jump through to many hoops.




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