Staying fit on a budget!

Just like college has the “freshman 15’, newcomers to NYC find they end up packing on some pounds when they first move here. Which seems insane with all the WALKING right?! But the high stress, late night eating and drinking will do it for ya. Here are some great ways to get fit without breaking the bank.

  1. Gym Memberships:

If you got the money, then feel free to go ahead and pay $200+ gym membership at Equinox. But for those who prefer to pay rent…or eat, Planet Fitness is a great alternative to get your sweat on for only $10 bucks a month. You may also find other gyms in the area that are under $100 and be sure to tell them you are new to the area! Timeout Magazine also has a really helpful article on some of the gyms in NYC and what is included in membership fees.

  1. The world is your oyster

..and so is NYC! Getting your steps in is pretty easy in NYC. Get off a stop or two early and walk back home. Take the stairs when you can. Keep moving while waiting for the train to come. There’s so much to see in NYC take a friend and just walk!

  1. Left overs!

The majority of Newyorkers eat out more than they cook. Get in the habbit of only eating half of what you ordered and taking the other half home. Now you have a #second meal, and didn’t overeat! #winning

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